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New Eden authorities open investigative inquiries.
Miura Bull questioned.

Bex Bixley - UPI correspondent.

Local authorities, responding to a tip from an unknown female were summoned to the site of an unauthorized BIOMASSING yesterday afternoon.

The distraught woman, who has yet to be identified was taken to the local magistrates office for interrogation and subsequently released.

"He is dead. He is dead!!" She was heard to wail as she was led away by system officials.

A  concorde spokesperson speaking anonymously has verified that the woman was a member of the custodial crew and discovered the grisly remains in the chamber while cleaning the premises.

The pilot has been identified through DNA testing as CRAKE GATERAU, a member of the SCREAMING HAYABUSA (SKRMR) corporation, a well known and controversial pirate entity led by Miura Bull.

Gaterau was a celebrated PvP practitioner who had in recent times propelled himself into the top 10 of the BattleClinic rankings.

The death has been ruled a suicide.
This determination is based on the contents of a blog journal entry that was discovered in Gaterau's quarters, however, questions remain and local law enforcement  has indicated that there is a possibility that charges may be brought against several individuals of interest.

Documentation found at Gatereu's quarters has also raised suspicions of workplace abuses that may have precipitated the unfortunate incident.

"What we found was disturbing and frankly, Miura Bull has a sordid history of these type of indiscretions and it does not surprise me that his policies have led to this tragedy", said lieutenant Marcos Mendoza Lopez..

"We have been monitoring the situation in SKRMR for quite some time and I am sorry that this happened before we could bring charges" added Lopez.!

"This investigation is not over. Not by a long shot.", whispered Lopez as he gingerly collected the remains in a small cup.
Details regarding memorial services for the deceased have not been released.

The newspaper account of the incident  has broken my heart.
I ask your indulgence and patience as you work your way through this emotional and disjointed diatribe.

Well, it has finally happened.
The last posting above, which I have taken the liberty of linking here from his journal speaks for itself.

As I predicted in an earlier writing, the rigors and unrelenting demands of the SCREAMING  HAYABUSA, kill at all cost, we must rule the Battleclinic rankings bloodlust culture, a culture pushed with implacable cruelty to its most tragic consequences by a ruthless CEO who appears woefully oblivious to its manifestations and spirit breaking repercussions, has claimed its first victim.

I fear there may be more to follow.

My beloved corpmate, the popular, highly respected rising star and dogfight phenom CRAKE GATERAU, he whose future was by all accounts limitless and filled with hope and driven by dreams of attaining pirating perfection, has committed suicide.

He has walked into the BIOMASS chamber.

He is no more.

That glorious, dazzlingly brilliant, PvP virtuouso has burned out and been reduced to a couple of ounces of BIOMASS debris.

Our dear CG is gone forever.

We, his adoring corpmates are devastated.

He took his own life when it appeared it was at the apex of its brilliance.

The young, kind, generous  kid, who would on an almost daily basis surprise me with contracts of wine, spirit, smokes, and hookers is gone.
He was always worried about my spirit and how I was holding up.

SKRMR is in turmoil over these developments, and well it should be.

As the venerable Thomas Hobbes clone #234-A32  once uttered, the life of the solo pirate in the brutally unforgiving vastness of NEW EDEN is certain to be nasty, brutish, and short.

Despite this immutable truth, we cannot lose hope that our innate goodness as a species will ultimately win out and temper the intrinsic evil that so perniciously permeates our existence as it is shaped by NEW EDEN.

CG was cognizant of this maxim and insisted on his pursuit of PVP excellence despite the deadly milieu in which he had to operate and ply his deadly trade.

He was a gentle soul and he was a warrior's warrior.

He understood that there was no incongruity in these seemingly contradictory stances.
A brutal universe did not mean an abandonment of our humanity.

He was also a hard working brave young soul.

Now he is gone.

We, the ones left behind cannot lose hope.
His memory mandates that we not give up.

While untold numbers of young capsuleers toil in virtual obscurity and desolate loneliness on a daily basis in the thousands and thousands of star systems of NEW EDEN, there is still the earnest belief prevalent I firmly believe, that basic human tenets of respect, kindness, and comfort will be given consideration and will hold sway and will not wane and vanish in the smoke of autocannon fire.

Gratuitous fiendish savagery and rancor are not required to be a warrior.

We will NEVER surrender to our barbaric nature. We must not.
CG was a warrior who understood this.
You can be a magnificent warrior and retain all those properties and virtues that make HUMAN KIND such an admirable life form.

Yet, there is a harsh reality that cannot be avoided.
New Eden fights us hard everyday!
It wants us reduced to our lowest common denominator.

There is NO room for idealism or altruistic sentiments in the existence known as NEW EDEN. 
Not if she has her way.
We have all learned over time to live and accept that fact.
Do not misunderstand me.
They exist and can be embraced privately and in secret but we are discouraged from openly acknowledging them as virtues to be practiced or perfected.

Unfortunately, in some circles, individuals of depraved, unscrupulous and iniquitous nature take this fact and use it as a template to heap even more pain, agony, and cruelty upon their minions.

This was and is especially true in that ghastly enclave known as THE SCREAMING HAYABUSAS.
Imagine the inherent brutality of NEW EDEN writ small and much more concentrated.
That was and is SKRMR.

The leadership of MIURA BULL would never permit any stasis other than complete surrender to our most base primitive urges and compulsions.

This is why the fingers of accusation are ALL pointed at the SKRMR CEO.

We know WHO to blame.

The overriding question is of course WHY?
Some will still ask why despite the framework I have provided above.

What could have prompted someone,who apparently had so much to live for in NEW EDEN to take such a radical step?

In scenarios like this, there is of course a preliminary period of grieving, followed by necessary inquiry and questioning, and ending ultimately in finger pointing.

Without question, as I have already alluded to above, ALL fingers are pointing at the CEO of the Screaming Hayabusa.

Yes, we are looking at you Miura Bull!!

Life, even in the warriors reality is still to be honored and treasured and is not to be frittered away or wasted, especially to serve the needs of certain megalomaniacal personas.

The unmitigated desire for personal aggrandizement found in many of NEW EDEN's ruling corporate elite must be quelled.
People cannot and should not be subordinated to this narcissistic objective.
Sadly, this admonition was ignored in the Hayabusa corporation.

WHERE WAS OUR LEADER WHEN CG WAS SUFFERING? Why was he oblivious to his condition?

Our young friend and corpmate had for some time now been clearly on the brink.

It was obvious even to the most obtuse of pirate dunderheads in the SKRMR collective that he was becoming increasingly disenchanted and disillusioned with his life in SKRMR.

He was being pushed too hard and for too long.

Frankly, many of us were.
He was not alone in that mindset.
Still, we are haunted by that doleful question.

What could we have done to prevent this?

Multiple times in recent weeks, our young friend made overtures to us and in his own way reached out to us and asked for our help but we did not respond.
He was ashamed to be forthright with us and reticent to clearly articulate the depths of his concerns and worries to us lest he be judged.

He was, as many of us in SKRMR have been conditioned to be, ashamed to show weakness and vulnerability because to do so would violate an unwritten rule of the HAYABUSA cult!
We are tough and we kill.

Instead he only hinted about his personal adversity and  rapidly failing coping mechanisms and hoped for a helping hand and then when no help was forthcoming, continued on with the execution of his life sapping orders.

Orders from MIURA BULL.

Orders that were conceived with only one purpose in mind, the preservation of the MIURA BULL mystique.
This could only be achieved by maintaining a lofty position on the corporate rankings.
The order was clear and was to be strived for at ALL costs in both material and personnel.
No collateral damage was too great.
No price too heavy to pay.

You did not complain EVER.
You just undocked.
You KILLED and then KILLED some more.


That message droned down to us daily from the ivory tower where our corporate leadership resided.
It is a leadership cadre of ONE.

The pressure that kid must have felt.
We ALL felt the pressure, but CG felt it more acutely than anyone else.

Recently, I commented on the toxic nature of this corporate competition and on the dangers of a prolonged drive to maintain KB dominance.

I warned of its possible ramifications.

Now CG, our guiding PVP light has been extinguished.

Many times I advised him to slow down and take time off.

He refused and appeared compelled by some unholy forces to continue his campaign to make MIURA BULL proud of him.
He had drunk the koolaid and was lost to us.

Like a puppet on a string, he pressed forward and did the obligatory rueful dance, putting on a brave face, and venturing forth every day to "FEED BEBBY!"


How we have grown to hate that exhortation!!!

That "FEED BEBBY" mantra was the cry that was expected from every pilot in SKRMR before undocking and it was the precursor, the condition precedent, to this young mans early and most untimely death.

And  yet, our own sense of despair as we watched his inexorable deterioration and unrestrained downward spiral to his ultimate death, was not enough to motivate us to act.

We could not commiserate with him or share in his torment because that would be acknowledging our own weaknesses.
We were ensnared in the same vile despicable web!

To show weakness and vulnerability in SKRMR was, according to MIURA BULL, to invite capitulation and submission and abnegation.

It was a renunciation of the SKRMR creed and a welcoming of all things lily-livered and chickenhearted and timorous and weak-kneed.

You were a yellow belly, a spineless, cowering, fainthearted sissy!

You pushed ON and never looked back!


That was ALL that mattered.

The HAYABUSA chief will of course accuse me of "SPINNING" this scenario in order to put him in the worst possible light.

No spin is necessary as the  facts are self evident.

The Hayabusa culture and corporate ethos, powered by the vainglorious self absorption of its leader, is solely to blame for the loss of our dear friend.

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