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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Re: Lhorenzho
From: Tambo Reen
Sent: 2013.11.24 19:47
To: Sindel Pellion,

Dear Ms. Pellion,
Please note the following.

It pretty much speaks for itself.

The context will no doubt paint me as a roque and disloyal employee.

My ongoing disputes with my long time employer are really of a secondary nature and that scenario will eventually play itself out one way or the other, most likely with me in custody along with certain other co-conspirators.
It is what is is as the saying goes.

I would hope that you put any feelings of distaste and revulsion aside and finish reading this correspondence.

Some quick background information.

You are one of three beauties that my employer LHORENZHO has fixated on at one time or another during his long career.
(Ava Starfire, Sugar Kyle, and yourself)

You were his delectable trifecta.

Please do not take offense as he always used it as a term of endearment and always with a smile on his face and a gleam in his eye and sometimes even with some actual tumescence in his member. (he is an old man after all)

Let me cut to the chase Ms. Pellion as I know you are a busy young woman, what with your singing career and charitable works and pirating activities.

My employer, who was once a member of the WAFFLES as well (he was purged but on trumped up charges), is nearing the end of his life cycle.

It has been a gloriously successful career from a business perspective and he has also managed to get himself to -10, an objective which always brought him great pleasure and pride.
He loved playing the pirate although truth be told he was in actuality a business savant and his accounts are a clear testament to his proficiency as a tycoon and industry titan.

The man does have beaucoup bucks.

But he has also always been an incorrigible romantic.
He believed as Shakepeare once proclaimed....."She is woman and therefore to be won".
He does love the ladies, especially his elite trinity, in particular his lttle songbird Sindel.

He has spent many an evening sipping his rare Jovian brandy, smoking his New cuban cigar clones, snorting primo cocaine, and playing your songs over and over on his music device often times falling asleep with your angelic voice resonating throughout his quarters as a sublime bedtime lullaby of sorts.

QUE MUSICA TAN LINDA! he would often bellow as he nodded his head and swayed to the tunes of your enchanting songs.
(His first language was actually spanish)

God how he loved your singing.

He adored you from afar (well he once made his way to your quarters while inebriated but dropped his lock pick set and aborted his mission)

I am sorry for slipping up and speaking of him in the past tense but his physicians have told me it is a mere matter of day before he succumbs to his numerous pathology(s).

Yes I have my issues with him but I also am a diligent employee who is determined to see his last wishes fulfilled.

Please sing him a song!

It does not have to be at his funeral although that would be nice.
Croon for him my young starling.
Warble till you can warble no more.

I have no doubt that he would also see fit to leave your Angel Project a sizeable donation.
As I alluded up above, he is very wealthy.

I know you have recently written about scammers who have seen fit to take advantage of your kind heart and generous spirit but I assure you I am not one inclined to do so nor is my employer Lhorenzho guilty of such proclivities.

There are many who would vouch for his legitimacy.
Yes he was/is eccentric but are not most unique personas cut from a slightly different cloth?
You can talk to Miura Bull or others in the Black Rebel Rifter club or screaming Hayabusas for more specific references about this gentleman. They will tell you truthfully what he is about.

Sing for him Sindell!!!

Thats all he asks.

I await anxiously your response which I am confident will be a resounding YES as he has always been a great judge of people and beautiful women.
His last actual communication to me via a painfully long sequence of morse code transmitted by blinking of his eyes was this.....

"SINDEL will Sing!"

Tambo Reen - Asset management group - Lhorenzho enterprises

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