Monday, August 11, 2014

Housekeeping Issues

I want to apologize for the inordinate number of posts listed for the month of august.

They are merely reposting's of blog entries previously issued.

Sadly, in a hysterical, emotion filled state of lunacy, I recently deleted all blog entries as I prepared to "RAGE QUIT" this game.

The game had literally broken me and I wanted out.

As is often the case, I reconsidered and well, here I am back again.

I did lament the loss of the postings and struggled with various methods in trying to recoup the material.

Thankfully, a wonderful utility called THE WAYBACK MACHINE, facilitated my efforts to reclaim the posts which I though were lost forever.

I realize that there is nothing of great value recorded herein but in a moment of reflection it dawned on me that perhaps there may be a reason someday down the road where I might want to share these crazy scribblings with a trusted loved family member. (once they are of age of course)

This game has too much to offer by way of content and wonderful company to leave on a sudden impulse.
I realize that now.


  1. It wouldn't be the same without you.

  2. So the stories of your demise of old age were wrong then.

    Good to know, welcome back.

    So guys who won the bet?