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Breaking The Spell That Binds

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I have some GREAT news!
It has come to my attention that there is living in our wondrous Eve universe a verified clone of the great TED PATRICK, the acknowledged "father of deprogramming".
To those of you unfamiliar with the name, just know that he was an accomplished cult interventionist and deprogrammer who specialized in performing what is known in the Anti-Cult world as  Exit and Thought Reform consultations. Two components of Strategic Intervention Therapy.
 In other words when some simpleton (and there are plenty tooling around in spaceships I guarantee you) fell under the spell of a slick Cult of personality practitioner, Mr. Patrick would be retained in order to rescue the person and return them to their family.

Some of you little fuckers with low attention spans and little patience for more challenging intellectual discussions might be fidgeting in your seats right about now.What the hell does this shit have to do with flying an internet spaceship you might be asking? I want to shoot something Lhorenzho why are you boring me with what sounds like pop psychology babble?

Bear with me you pirate blockheads. I will clarify soon enough.

 But first a disclaimer and a caveat.
 In order to add some perspective to the narrative that follows it will be necessary for me to air some of our corporations "dirty laundry".
 I do apologize for that and I must make it perfectly clear that I do so without malice and with a great deal of consternation and some regret. This has to be written. Our mighty corporation is in grave peril.
Our leader, the respected, inimitable, and sometimes mysterious Miura Bull is a CULT leader!!
There I have said it. It has been eating at me for months!
I had suspected as much to be honest, but, I was reticent to take any action.
Miura Bull can be an intimidating figura and sometimes is not an easy person to approach when certain hot issues require discussion. How do you tell someone he has become a fucking CULT leader?

I was prepared to let this go. I was perfectly willing to let the matter play itself out and just cross my fingers and hope that all would end well without any active maneuvering on my part. Sadly, this option was not available any more.

Yesterday, in our corporation chat area, I heard one of my corpies lament the fact that Eve was filled with people lined up to be summarily podded by Miura Bull.

My corpies words were and I am paraphrasing here..."people always fall in your lap MB. You never have to go hunting for kills! They come willingly to you to get popped!"
 I listened to this complaint and had to silently agree. I myself had seen a plethora of salivating acolytes who lived solely to be podded by MIURA BULL. Its a badge of honor with them. The only ray of sunlight in their dreary lives. Humanoids!!
While the rest of us spend hours and hours roaming and hunting hoping against hope to run into someone who would engage us in honorable combat, Miura Bull has to merely sit in a belt announce his presence in local  and then wait as the hero worshippers undock and rush out to be slaughtered. I doubt they even take the time to load ammo.It is said that in the Aztec culture, many of the people to be sacrificed would rush to lay on the altar to have their hearts cut out!! We are seeing a similiar syndrome developing here.

 In another world, these sickening little MB cult followers would be called groupies or sycophantic courtiers. Miura himself was boasting recently of stumbling upon miners in low sec who would move toward him rather than warping away. He claimed he even told one miner to "warp away" but the roid ripper chose to die at his hands instead! "KILL ME MIURA!!! My life will have meaning!" These are apparently the last words these sock puppets utter.

 Yes, I know this sounds like jealousy and sour grapes. Many of you are wondering why I am not just happy that my CEO has this kind of effect on people and that I should rejoice in the ease with which he accrues KILLS.

That is not the issue or the point here! There is an overriding concern here. A bigger more noble thing to be protected. The Black Rebel Rifter Club must be preserved.
I am not just worried about the effect he has on those outside our BRRC. I suspect that in the influx of new recruits we have recently admitted that there are some who are equally starry eyed and mesmerized by the persona that is Miura Bull! He is building his CULT even from within our beloved corporation! 


At this point I could delve into the literature and theory of CULTS and try to drive home the point to some of you who are skeptical of my fears as to just how dangerous this path we are on can be.
 I will not do that. We dont have the fucking time for that!
I intend to start the healing process immediately.
Recently, I made a donation to our corporations Agony Unleashed training fund. I threw that fucking money away! What was I thinking?
My first inclination was to set up a mental health arm to our corporation with a specifice Cult awareness and treatment  branch. I should have done that! I should have followed my gut instinct.
No use crying over spilled milk. It is not too late.
 I will be making another donation, this time to the TED PATRICK foundation so that I can enroll as many of my corpies in the deprogramming course as I can.
Some of them may have to be forcibly taken and subjected to the Patrick protocols. So be it. The process of tearing people away from practitioners of the CULT OF PERSONALITY as practiced by MIURA BULL and his ilk is called SNAPPING!
We will be doing a lot of snapping in the BRRC in the coming months.

I personally am fighting my own demons. This whole process has me unsettled.
I am torn between my love for my Boss and my apprehension at where he is going with this cult shit. I am suffering what is called COGNITIVE Dissonance i.e holding conflicting ideas simultaneously!
Pray that I have the resolve and the will to see this battle to the end.

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