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Cyrano De Bergerac or LOVE ME 2 times

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Well, I am in another dilemna, a pickle as we say in the USA,  and once again sadly the repercussions are of my own doing.
I have fallen in love again and have, as is my custom,  messed up and have perhaps irreparably botched the communication process in a way that may never allow me to win the heart of my EVE heart throb.
Many of you know that I have in the past, fallen and fallen hard for some of the beauties that can be found in this UNIVERSE.

At one time, I had it bad for Lady Shaniqua, but her aloofness toward me turned me off a bit, not to mention that she was charging me 500 million per chat!

The worse part was that it came to my attention  that she was playing "the crying game" if you catch my drift,  and that made it hard for me to press on with the courtship.

I also was taken by several beauties in my own former corporation (THE BLACK REBEL RIFTER CLUB), but was warned by that fucking Miura Bull that it was against company policy to make a move on one of our own chicks, and so I was forced to take a lot of cold fucking showers for a spell.
Not to  mention that Logan LaMort, the boyfriend of one of my cupcakes threatened to KICK MY ASS, unless I stopped pestering his woman, the exotically beautiful Luna Lafisque.
I hear ya man. Just don't hit me again please!!

They say the best antidote for crushing on the wrong women is finding a NEW crush, and I have done that!
Her name is AVA STARFIRE!!!!!

She finally spoke to me the other day, and since that moment, I have been on cloud nine.
The old Herman's Hermit's song has been resonating in my head all week.

She is sensational is she not??
I have not been able to sleep for weeks and now that she has looked my way, I am besides myself in anticipation of what may come my way.

Not only is this doll a beauty, she is also a killer pilot, and a primo blogger.
Here is a link to her blog, which incidentally I read and reread everyday!

Some may find this strange but I have my captain's quarters plastered with copies of her blog to the point that the fucking station boss is on my ass to take the makeship wallpaper down!!
That's my baby dammit.
El papel se queda!!!!

In any event, as I was saying up above, I have a problem.

I am not being totally honest or candid with you when I say that she has spoken to me.
I can be timid at times around hot chicks.
I get a little tongue tied and have a tendency to babble and sweat.
I am sure many of you experience the same symptoms on occasion.

Recently, it came to my attention that a punkish rogue named Strhyke Cantaso also has the hots for my baby doll. Frankly, the guy is no threat. He is an unrefined brute, to say the least, but he is quite aggressive around the ladies.

On a lark, I made it a point to strike up a conversation with the vato in our local cantina last night and we came to an agreement of sorts.
I would write up some sweet nothings for him to send Ava and he would be the messenger so to speak.

Like Cyrano did so many eons ago, I would use this opportunity to express my true feelings to AVA and then when the time came, I would deftly out maneuver the punk Cantaso and reveal myself as the real architect behind the love notes.

AVA would then open her eyes and fall madly in love with me on the spot!!
Brilliant plan Lho you genius!
Easy Peasy! Right!

I mean, seriously, If a damsel had to choose between this hood rat Cantaso and yours truly, a worldly, educated, exorbitantly wealthy gentleman, there would be no contest right? Of course not!

The only reason I am posting this publicly is to get some feedback from you humanoids out there on how best to play my "reveal".

Below, you will find some of the communications I penned for this Cantaso fucker.

Naturally, I had to make it believable to AVA that this uneducated moron was writing this stuff so I have dumbed it down a bit, while still providing some elegance that this fool would never be capable of producing when left to his own devices.

He is a block head believe me. I even got him to pick up the tab at the bar. SUCKA!!

Where was I.
Yes, AVA!!!!!
I need some suggestions on how best to reveal to AVA that Lhorenzho is the real architect behind these mails without having her feel decieved and manipulated.
I CANNOT blow this chance with AVA!!

Also, if some of you care to venture a guess at what her feelings may be toward me, or should I say Cantaso, by reading between the lines of her short terse comments please feel free to tell me.
Have we really peaked her interest or is sweet AVA being nice?
I gotta know!!
Well, I have rambled enough.
The emails sent by Cantaso are below:

Re: Re: Re: AVA IS ONLINE and all is well with the Universe.
From: Ava Starfire
Sent: 2013.03.02 17:44
To: Strhyke Cantaso, 
Adios. Hasta.
Re: Re: AVA IS ONLINE and all is well with the Universe.
From: Strhyke Cantaso
Sent: 2013.03.02 17:44
To: Ava Starfire, 
My heart, wildly it beats.
That steel cold razor, sharp and deadly that was to trace a path across my wrist has seen its deadly action stayed, merely by one word from you my love.
Thoughts of ending this life without you have been stemmed, at least for the moment.
I will cherish the thought that you at least know I exist and will continue my wretched existence in hopes that some day you may grace me with another comment.
To venerate you from afar is preferable to not being in your thoughts at all.
I could die happy today, knowing that your luscious brain neurons have at least once created a thought, fleeting though it may be, of me, your eternal admirer and humble servant Strykhe Cantaso.
Adios mi linda!
Re: AVA IS ONLINE and all is well with the Universe.
From: Ava Starfire
Sent: 2013.03.02 17:40
To: Strhyke Cantaso, 
AVA IS ONLINE and all is well with the Universe.
From: Strhyke Cantaso
Sent: 2013.03.02 17:40
To: Ava Starfire, 
I woke up this morning heavy of heart and in doleful spirits as I grappled with a painful possibility.
Could it be, I asked myself, that I allowed a day to pass in which I failed to articulate to my precious, sublime, exquisite, unattainable EVE goddess Ava Starfire, that she is and always will be, the epicenter of my universe!
I swore once to profess my love to AVA every day of life that providence chooses to reward me with.
I failed to do so yesterday and I am in despair.
You are my quintessential ground zero, my pole star, my heavenly hub!!
She, my AVA, is the veritable tip upon which my top spins.
To be human and flawed, is to risk making errors, that can ultimately harm our wish for happiness.
I am in anguish always because it is clear to me that my dreams of eternal happiness at your side dear AVA may never be realized.
The one with the most sincere passion, is not always the one rewarded.
Life has its vagaries.
So be it.
While my love is despairingly unrequited, it is no less ardent or sincere and I find myself filled with an uncontrollabe burning desire,indeed, a smouldering, searing passion to be your love my sweet.

It is more than just your heavenly beauty that moves me dear Ava.
It is your deadly nature.
What a dichotomy!
A sensuous bifurcation unlike any seen before no doubt.
You are the sumptuous eclair, light, puffy, airy, delicous, but filled with arsenic. Who can resist taking that delicate bite?
Heed my passionate imploring cries dear confection of my heart!
What are death throes in the light of such a delectable prospect?
Your kiss.
Like the doomed suitors of female black widow spiders and the Praying mantis, I do a deadly courtship dance that may find me, like those poor beleagured lovestruck creatures, destroyed and in a heap of burning rubble and ultimately in a clone vat.

A kiss for a clone vat? Yes, a thousand times yes!!
Pucker your sweet lips my cherished darling.
We risk the same fate,those ancient earth insectoid creatures and I, and we do so willingly, because we are all similiarily inconsolable when not in the presence of the objects of our adoration. We have desire in our loins and are oblivious to distractions or dangers.
Our raison d'etre, at the very least, is to die at your hands but alas, we also hold out hope, meager and scant as it may be, that you may choose instead to grace us with a taste of the nectar of your sweet kiss.

It was said once by an ancient earth man about another woman, that she had a face that could launch a thousand ships.
You, my darling, could launch even more, especially with time dilation.

I hope some day the consumnation of our love can bring to you another kind of dilation and to me a worthy heir!
I have never been reticent to reach for the sky, but to reach to the heavens and the delight that may be found there may be beyond my capability.
Fly SAFE my Darling!

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