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Saturday, November 2, 2013


My fucking wrists!!!


I bought 32 GTC's today from these people for shits and giggles

This purchase, according to the SOMER BLINK site, also entitled me to 32 billion in some kind of bullshit credit plus an additional 8 billion since I had 8 multiples of 4 GTC's purchased. 
You get an extra billion for every 4 added to the base 1 billion bonus you get with every fucking GTC you buy. 

So in essence I got 64 PLEX and about 40 billion in their credit. 


But this is only a first test.

Right now my worthless trading alt is sitting on those first PLEX purchases in some JITA station. 
Lord knows what he will be able to do with it. 
I will worry about that later.

To anyone who is gonna call me names such as WALLET WARRIOR go ahead.
I won't deny it.
I am the consumnate "WALLET WARRIOR". 

I won't do ANY work in NEW EDEN.
Fuck that shit. 
I had a job in RL and am now retired. 
I will be damned if I am going to grind doing ANYTHING in NEW EDEN.
I don't grind for anybody! 
Well, maybe the old lady.

 Since I fund my playing with PLEX, I figured I would just use these beleagured SOMER people for my next purchases if only to test them out and see what I have been missing all these years. 
The jury is still out.

Now its a known fact that some of my corpmates and former corpmates have in the past utilized the whole SOMER BLINK process to fund their accounts. 

Read this blog post from my former REBEL associate, the sometimes brilliant and occasionally clever Kaeda Maxwell.

I have no illusions of doing anything as complex and intricate as his process. 

I just want ISK and I want it fast and as easy as possible. 

I don't have the patience of that damn BEAN COUNTER MAXWELL to see all that stuff through. 
I got better things to do with my time.

I used the MARKEE DRAGON affiliate link and purchased the GTC's. 
To be honest, even this process, involving out of game actions was irksome.

Who works out these processes? 

Do you know how long it took me to enter ALL 32 codes into the ETC redemption system in game?

There has got to be a better way for VOLUME GTC buyers to input their codes.
This is a fucking MICKEY MOUSE system for sure.
I always BUY VOLUME!!!  
Easier that way.  

Even as I write this quick post, I am experiencing ambivalence as to whether or not to go ahead with the next part of my test. 

My intention was to roll out with my real purchase in the next day or so, once this first test was deemed a success.
I hope to  pick up another 148 GTC's (is that divisible by 4?)  but If I have to enter EACH AND EVERYONE of those fucking long ass silly codes manually I can almost guarantee my old carpal tunnel syndrome is gonna flare up. 

Another year of arm slings, wrist braces and anti-inflammatories! 
Been there done that.

If anyone has any ideas as to how I can streamline this process please let me know. 
Also, any hints as to how I should handle the BLINK auction process would also be appreciated. 

Should I buy large ships, frigs, cruiser, what? 
I will be trying to use the BUY ALL TICKETS approach if possible.

Any of you fuckers who have been pathetically addicted to this shit and who are adept at maneuvering around on that BLINK site and can pass me some quick pointers please do so. 

I may put you in my will.

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