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Case #21354 - A356 - 873
Molden Heath sector:

To all officers assigned to this matter: JOHNSON, CASAS, BELL, SMITH.
Attached are several communications that have recently come to light and are the basis and precipitating factors leading to this  investigation.
Please read them as soon as possible in order to garner some background information on the case.
This investigation is priority one according to Captain Salinas.
We are also in the process of instituting a series of surveillance operations targeting the individuals involved.
Tambo Reen resides and conducts business in Jita with an occasional presence in Amarr and Dodixie.
This individual is an asset handler and trader of goods and supplies.

Miura Bull is a space transient of sorts and will have to be located by our agents prior to any specific action being taken.
Both will be brought in for questioning as soon as the investigative groundwork is laid.
Arrest warrants are in the works.
A Vincent R'Lyeh is also under suspicion and a dossier is being compiled on him as well.
The name Kane the Black is also cropping up and detective Casas is researching that suspect.

We are also in cooperation with the medical facility and are coordinating an increase in security in and around the hospital room where the target is currently convalescing.

The letters below speak for themselves.

The target Lhorenzho is currently in an intensive care unit in a quasi vegetative state following an attempt to take his own life subsequent to a devastating loss of a LOKI ship to a little tiny FIRETAIL frigate.

Here are the incident reports of those losses:

Some kid named Transmaritanus cleaned his clock!! LOL!

Its been a long time since I have flown a ship in combat myself but even I have to say this was pretty pathetic.
I may have been inclined to slit my own wrists as well if I had been so careless and inept! JK!!
There will be a meeting of the team after lunch today in squad assembly room 118C.

Lead Detective: Silas Thompson

cc - Captain William Salinas - precinct chief
cc - Pator Tech Medical center administration


From: Tambo Reen
Sent: 2013.11.24 00:26
To: Miura Bull,  

As a post script to my earlier letter please be aware that I personally would not include you in ANY communication loop involving these matters if that decision was left to me.

I don't like you mister. I never have.

But, my orders were to spam the "rolodex" so to speak with the news contained in my earlier memorandum involving the breakdown of my employer.

Your name is on that rolodex and thus you were advised of the developments.
Left to my own devices I would keep your fucking brutor ass in the dark!

While Lhorenzho is alive and kicking and manages to evade the BIOMASS center I will comply with his wishes, conflicted, crazed, and confused as they may be.

The consolidation of assets that I referenced in my earlier communication continues.

He is under a physician's care at the moment, and is said to be "heavily medicated" ostensibly for his own good.
According to his primary care provider he has also been in restraints as he has made two attempts to climb into the BIOMASS chamber. (The mini chamber that was set up in Pator Tech station by Lhorenzho to make his rivals "go away")

Only the BIOMASS protocols requiring the simultaneous pressing of the "KILL" button by two distinct state agents prevented his crazy wrinkled old ass from being liquidated.
He enlisted the help of someone named  "VINNY" who  was willing to assist him but the plan was a fiasco and was foiled.

Clearly his intent is to harm himself.
(update: He is now in a coma after taking an overdose of pills provided by one KANE THE BLACK. )
The hospital staff is playing a running loop of his favorite depressing melancholy tunes to keep his mind engaged in hopes he will snap out of his coma.
Bunch of crap if you ask me.

Truth be told I am ambivalent regarding how he goes to meet his maker as he has never been unduly solicitous of my feelings nor has he ever troubled himself to find out what my thoughts and ideas were regarding how he operated his business enterprises.

I was a mere clerk to him despite my advanced degrees in statistics, finance and business management.

Clearly, my own self interests are at play here as I do NOT want to be out in the job market seeking new employment should the old codger manage to eradicate himself and certainly not with empty pockets to show for my efforts and years of service.

I am told that in his medicated stupor and prior to sinking into a comatose state that he had been screaming out the names of Ava Starfire, Sugar Kyle, and Sindel Pellion. (not necessarily in that order)

Pellion is presumably also some kind of recording star and he babbled something about having her "sing" at his funeral.

He has also asked that his attorney be summoned and I suspect that some kind of adjustment to his last will and testament to provide some consideration to one or all of these women may be in the works.

Pellion also coordinates some form of New Eden NOOB contribution/donation center and I fear he may leave the bulk of his estate to this organization!

Lets hope not right BULL?

Would that he had been so generous with me back when he was still in possession of all his faculties.

I gave that man too much of my time and energy to walk away from this drama empty handed!!
I aim to get paid!

You yourself have had to put up with his incessant insubordination as well right?
I know what a thorn in your side he has been.

Your little "tell him we care" letter below fools no one!
I know you despise his ass as much as I do if not more.

Since you are now in the loop, you are inextricably involved.

It is not too late to make him pay.
Are you hearing me?

It is in your best interests to collaborate with me in whatever scheme I may cook up to assure that we are "taken care of" wouldn't you agree?

Wouldn't you love to walk away from this whole ridiculous self -absorbed sordid breakdown of his with some significant financial gain?
I know I would.

I will be contacting you again in the very near future with more specifics.

At this moment our immediate problem is that our potential benefactor may actually improve and survive this latest incident.
We have to walk a fine line here.
We have to keep him incapacitated for a while longer.

He is quite frail now though and when the time comes, a quick "pillow over the head" maneuver by some enterprising visitor to his hospital suite could prove to be the catalyst to a "windfall" for certain interested parties. No?
I trust that you will be able to handle that chore when the time comes.

Food for thought.
But, nothing must happen until all the pieces are in place.
NOTHING! You understand?

You may be in the process of cooking up your own "end game" scenario and I do NOT want our collective objectives to clash.
That is why I risk sending you these notes. Make sure you destroy them. Don't be stupid and careless BULL.
Also, we might want to come up with some contingency plans to deal with R'Lyeh and Kane.
Loose ends you know.
Some Molden Heath flatfoot has already contacted me so we have to act fast.

We have common interests.
Why not work together?
We could be set for life if we play this out right.

I have said too much.
We will talk soon BULL.

Tambo Reen - Asset management group  - Lhorenzho Enterprises.

Re: ?
From: Miura Bull
Sent: 2013.11.23 01:10
To: Tambo Reen,


you can tell your boss that is very much appreciated but we hope for his return ingame shortly, with his fortune still in his own pockets!

please tell him :)

From: Tambo Reen
Sent: 2013.11.23 00:26
To: Miura Bull,

Dear Bull,
I don't know what you did but I am glad you did it.
I assume you had something to do with this turn of events. Perhaps a "mercenary type" hired by you to create turmoil in Lhorenzho's life.
If you were not responsible, then I will just have to thank the space GOD's for this providential turn of events.

My prayers have been answered in any event and It appears also that my days of suffering for 20 hours a day at the trade console are over.

My boss has just sent me a cryptic memorandum advising me that I am to cancel all pending trades and consolidate accounts.

I am to provide a complete inventory of all assets in ALL systems, both physical and otherwise and submit a detailed report to his main office asap.

I am directed to call the nearest BIO-MASS center and make an immediate appointment for him and I have been advised that his attorney is preparing documents to transfer his entire estate to you BULL.

I of course am wondering why the hell he would leave one stinking ISK to your fucking ass but evidently you have made some kind of impression on the old fool.

Preliminarily, the total assets would appear to be in the area of 130 Billion ISK, not counting another 15 Billion still tied up in orders.
There are others in his employ which are completely unknown to you who also have significant portions of his asset basis under their control. I am to contact them as well.
The final asset tally could very well be twice the numbers noted above.

It is somewhat of a mystery to his staff here as to what may have transpired to cause this sudden bout of melancholy and emotionalism but rumors have it he was recently humiliated in the area of Gulmorogod and that the humiliating incident was the proverbial straw that broke the camels back.
The word is that he had his hat handed to him while flying his LOKI by a young capsuleer tooling around in a tiny Firetail.
It figures.
He was never a very good pilot.
Hell we all know he sucked.

I told him time and time again to stay out of the heavily traversed space lanes and concentrate his efforts on popping CYNO ships and to do so only in sparsely populated systems.
Frankly, we all know thats all that old coot is/was good for but lots of luck getting that megalomaniac to accept that reality.
Did he listen to me.

Of course not.
Now the BIOMASS center awaits.

He always was one for grandiose actions that were premised on assumptions about his capabilities that were delusional at best.
He was a crazy old loon for sure but he had his moments.

I cannot say it was ALL bad.
He could be generous but he was also one bossy motherfucker.
It may be all over now.
I am sending you this only because I have been ordered to do so by one of his other administrative operatives.
We await clarifiying information and will relay it to you once it arrives but things are looking grim.

The end may be near.

Tambo Reen - Asset management group - Lhorenzho enterprises.

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