Monday, August 11, 2014

ODE TO SUGAR KYLE or The view from an Arms length away

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I was despondent.
"What the fuck Miura! Why won't this doll-face give me the time of day?"
I was down in the dumps. I was not eating. I was not bathing.
Well, I rarely bathe.

My recent overtures to Sugar Kyle had fallen flat. 
This failure to win her affections had precipitated my drunken whine session.
But it was true. 
Sugar did not know me from Fernando.
She had not given me as much as a wave whenever I encountered her, which was generally in her home system of Bosena, the locale where she plied her trade as a major business icon.

"Why?", I asked.
"What the hell am I doing wrong?"
"Sugar acts like she can't stand me man."
"I used to score with the ladies all the time. What happened to me?"

Da Bull just shook his head and motioned me to lean in closer.

"Dude. I thought you were smarter than this. Really, I did".
His piercing eyes were glaring at me.

"Don't you remember your campaign to woo Ava Starfire? How many times did you write her on her personal mail? How many publicly posted proclamations of your love for her did you publish?"

I glanced warily at my swarthy CEO.
His probing and very astute questions suddenly had me thinking.

"Well shit boss, I wrote her at least 3 or 4 times privately, and then I put out a couple of those public statements. Why do you ask me that?"
Of course I knew why. 
Even before the words were completely out of my mouth I was aware of why he asked. 

I tell the kid often that he is wise beyond his years, generally just to blow smoke up his skirt to keep his ass happy and off my back, but I was beginning to believe that maybe the little fucker really was kind of smart. 

He could be on to something. 
Sugar was not feeling the love. 
Not really. 

"Dammit, I think I see what you mean MB!" 

"Look Lhorenzho, you have not brought the CHARM OFFENSIVE to the woman! She sees you putting out a lot of effort to get AVA STARFIRE's attention and then sees you slacking horribly in this campaign of yours to woo her. Of course she is offended dummy! Anything worth having takes work man!"

"The charm offensive!", I slapped my tattooed forehead.
"I NEVER brought the Charm Offensive to bear!"
How could I have forgotten.

I took a quick drink of my Coralejo tequila.

"But, MB", I continued.
"This chick is a business woman. How the hell do I REALLY get her attention? Should I apply for a credit card at her store? Will that do the trick? Shall I put something on layaway? Hell I have been buying stuff I don't need like there is no tomorrow lately just so she would notice me. Merlin and Atron shit. Hell, I hate those fucking ships!  I have been flying in and out of Bosena 50 times a day. You mean I was wasting my time and dinero?" 

Da Bull was silent. He let out a short whistle of exasperation.

He reached into his shirt pocket and fished out a cigarrette.

He lit it with a flourish using his R1FTA 500 kill memorial lighter.
He snapped the lighter shut, slid it gingerly back into his pocket and slowly and with deliberate measure blew smoke in my face.

I coughed.

"Write the lady a poem dude. Most cultured chicks dig that shit. I am sure she is never exposed to that stuff. Look who she hangs around with for crying out loud. I mean the Humbleless crew?
You would be like a wolf in the fold. Bring the charm dude. Bring the Charm."

I was perplexed.
"I don't know MB. A poem? Do I look like Axel Rose? 
I can't write shit like that.
I slumped further in my chair.
I motioned for the bartender to bring me a double.

"You can do it Lho." He patted me on the shoulder as he got up from his chair.
He flicked his cigarette butt on the floor and walked away.

He paused at the doorway to chat with Nogusha. 
They both looked in my direction and laughed.

"Hell I CAN do it!' I said to no one in particular.
"Yes, Yes I can." 
I was filled with resolve.
I felt my vest pocket. My miniature transcription device was there.

I downed my double.

"Lets get to work!?


At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet. - Plato

ODE TO SUGAR KYLE  (Ignis Fatuus)
by Lhorenzho

How painful the refrain of your indifference my heavenly SUGAR KYLE,
which spoil'st and tempers sadly the ardor your embrace to me would bring.
Enticing and bewitching the seductive glimmer of your hypnotic smile,
that triggers unrelenting in my eyes a feverish satyric gleaming.

In dire anticipation the torch of unrequited love is borne,
the boon of passion which I craved I fear has slowly slipped away.
Lonesome heart calls sorrow, absence, and forlorn,
while your insouciant apathy, my continued suffering does parlay.

Exquisitely alluring, your symmetry and radiance does feed for you my reverence,
my suffering heart perilously bared to your unfurled disdain.
Sullen still, it holds illusions yet, that in my life, I shall attain your divine presence,
knowing well the torturous truth that sentiment for me you merely feign.

Draw in sublime my sweet, lapse not, nor welcome thee the notion to withdraw,
for wistful murmurings our pillows will absorb at dawns first light.
Dare I hope that jovian darkness shades my major flaw,
and that your clever mind shall never dare to call me trite.

Romantic languour loves lustre will diminish and quell the cleave of amorous fates,
and mouldering dreams of pleasure will be smote.
Renew my dreams that our two hearts will join before coital urge abates,
and pray that my carress upon you tenderly someday sweetly I may dote.

Aloof be not my tantalizing tart,
for I grow mad with merely gazing.
Let me come to you tonite my vampish sweetheart,
for Lhorenzho's aging loins are blazing.

I awoke with a start and sat up in my bed.
I was drenched in sweat.
The room was dark. 
The hum of station engines and power systems filled the room. 
I rubbed my eyes and struggled to focus.
I had experienced "the dream" again.
A scene from an ancient earth film that captured the essence of my feelings for Sugar.
I was Don Draper and Sugar was my Betty.
Could we someday live this moment exactly as I saw it in my vision. 
Yes. I believe we can.
I await you at the foot of the stairs my sweet!

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