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Young Guns

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lhorenzo Journal Entry- Raw unedited script

My conversation with a young "Rebel"
Disclaimer: Certain snippets in the narrative below were culled due to security concerns

Lhorenzho > as sargent APONE said in that old Earth movie "Aliens" as he was loading his tough colonial Marines into the airship......"Arrrrggghhhhhh, absolutely badassess"
Lhorenzho > you mates
Lhorenzho > o/
Gernelus Melian > o7
toothslayer > o/
Gernelus Melian > wonder if i could take on a hulk:P
Lhorenzho > sure if you can kite his drones and take em out. If he has 5 warrior 2's you will be in for a battle.
Gernelus Melian > nah. 5 miner 2 drones
Gernelus Melian > and i have a warp scrambler
Gernelus Melian > wonder how long it would take for me to down it:P
Lhorenzho > miner 2 drones take up 25 cubic meters. the hulk has 50 which means he is carrying a complement of defensive drones i wwould suspect.
Lhorenzho > 5 miner two drones only take up half his drone capacity
Lhorenzho > so beware
Gernelus Melian > well. I dont want to find myself out of ammo here. so ill let it go**
Gernelus Melian > do you think i can take a hoarder??
Lhorenzho > it has less tank than hulk
Lhorenzho > and has no drone bay. and only 1 high slot
Gernelus Melian > mmmmm
Gernelus Melian > sounds like a delicius target^^
Lhorenzho > so dont be shy about tring stuff
Gernelus Melian > right now i just want to kill somthing
Gernelus Melian > wish sorn was on so i could kill him:P

I have a new found respect for our Chief.
As I logged in this morning and engaged some of my new Corpmates, it became apparent that our dear CEO in his haste and eagerness to fill positions in his new corporate venture had forgotten to do one thing that some limp wrist business types might recommend and consider pivotal to insure one hires good candidates.
GIVE EVERYONE a pre-employment psychiatric examination.!!!
It appears my brother MB that you have hired some psychotic anti-social brutes. Well Done.
Your a fucking genius man.

Anyone who reads this entry can see from the recorded convo above, that our young pups are so antsy to KILL that they would be willing to pop a corpie to quench their insatiable need to inflict suffering.
You won't find any fucking tie wearing accountants in this group!
No altar boys or merit scholars. No pencil necked pocket protector wearing geeks here.
Not one fucking ex do-gooder in the lot. I will bet you good money that none of these bipolar mofo's ever helped an old lady across the street or volunteered at the old pirates home (wait is that an oxymoron or non-sequitor?) . What a difference from some of the corps I have been in!
Damn that is refreshing. One of the youngsters even reminded me of the old Earth pugilist Iron Mike Tyson and I would venture to say he wouldnt shy away from biting a fools ear off and I know our version of Iron Mike don't play with little cooing pigeons like the other one did. I think Miura took my advice and concentrated his recruitment efforts from the death row inmates within the notoriously diabolical and vast New Eden penal system. A system that makes old earth prisons like Pelican Bay, Alcatraz, and Rikers look like daycare centers.
Its our own version of the "dirty dozen". We have clearly overturned the proverbial apple barrel and kept only the rotten ones. Some of the best apple pie my granny ever made used bad apples.

Our chief has found some impressive diamonds in the rough. But even an unpolished diamond can cut glass. And in a pinch you can even load diamonds (and the bodies of dead crewmembers) into an autocannon to make a deadly langrange like old Earth pirates would load into their cannons when necessary.

Why am I even discussing this in this entry? Simply because the contrast between the attitude of these young warriors and mine when I was starting out in this universe is astounding. I was hiding in a silly little mining ship in my early days and talking to snotty agents who required that you genuflect and approach on your knees before they would give you a pathetic little mission. And if you were late they would scold you like you were some snot nosed kid.

The delinquent in the convo above on the other hand wants to rip someones head off.
The possiblities for mayhem from these blokes is making my head spin but I also fear for good ole MB. He may be playing with fire.

I also discovered that I have mixed emotions while conversing with these young outcasts of Eve society. I find myself torn between emotions of fear and nurturing. Fear because, I now had to watch my back when walking to my ships in the hangar for fear of finding a shiv in my back, and nurture because I feel an almost paternalistic instinct to channel their intrinsic malevolence into a direction that will benefit our corporation. A relative noob myself in certain matters of corp life, I now realize that amongst these young stallions, I may be looked upon by some for guidance in the mundane matters of corp life not involving pure aggression. Heaven help me. I want to be an asset to the chief but I am concerned I may be over my head in this.
Natural Born Killers they are pure and simple. They would no doubt turn on their own given half a chance. You keep a predator in your home at your own peril. Miura, I hope you are prepared to play zoo keeper.
*Puros pinche matones!!!!

Where was I? I tend to think in spanish when I get nervous.
Bear with me a moment, this is stream of consciousness shit I am spewing here and this recording device only works half the time.
Oh yeah, I was talking about my new corpies, I have a feeling they are going to cause some pain in this vast universe. Did I say that already?
Don't talk to me about your training or your skill points or your fancy ships. A wild-eyed lunatic sprinting at you with a hammer while screaming at the top of his lungs will make even a battle tested official with a gun turn tail and run. Its often about the enthusiasm and the desire more than the fancy paraphernelia. Last time I looked a Rifter was the closest thing to a ball peen hammer in this brutal universe of ours and we aint gonna be pounding nails!!

P.P.S I apologize to any listener of this entry for the boring mathematical computation shit above regarding the drones.
* Old latino slang for "pure effen killers".
** The little fucker wasn't even carrying  much AMMO! That is confidence.

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